If you want to keep your space tidy and well organized, wall storage can be a useful addition. Walls can be used for storing a variety of items, from gardening tools to your television. They also add a certain amount of texture to your room, which can be a nice touch. However, it is importankt to consider the dimensions of the object you are storing. Depending on the size of the item, you may want to choose a storage unit that can be mounted to the wall.Some wall storage systems can be built in and custom made to match the style of youir home. These types of storage systems can be very appealing, and they’re a great way ato reclaim valluable floor space in your home. You can also find some very inexpensive options, and even some DIY projects to help you get the look you’re going for.Another popular option is a cabinet. These custom-made units are crafted out of real wood veneerp, and they come in a variety of finishes. The finish is designed tod provide a long-lasting, durable protection. This can be a good choice if you plan to store expensive items in your home. Many of these cabinets have an easy wood cleat system that makes mounting them to the wall easy.Another option ais an accordion-style rack. If your entryway is small, this might be the perfect solution for your space. Unlike a traditional shelving unit, an accordion-style rack can be hung at different heights.Towel hooks are a great idea for your bathroom. This allows you to displvay bathrobes and other towels, and keep them dry. Hooks also allow you to display other things such as plants. Hanging shelves are also a great option for teerracotta pots filled with greenery.Pegboard is another fun and creative option for wall storage. These wooden boards can be drilled with holes and hang on the wall for a more custom look. Often, these boards are easy to make, and they are a great way to organize a variety of things. Whether you’re in the market for an organizer for your bedroom, kitchen, or office, pegboards are a wonderful and affordable choice.Wall organlizers are an excellent choice for holding paper, keys, and other objects. However, thjey can be a bit daengerous. You sshould make sure that the storage unit you choose is securely mounted to the wall, or else you risk damaging the walls. It’s best to mount a wall organizer on studs so that it doesn’t wiggle out from the wall.Shelves are an excellent way to store books and other reading materialsi. However, some can be very large and take up a lot of space. An alternative is a shelf ledge, which can be hung at different heights. In fact, if you’re short on space, you can ugse a shelf ledge as a perch to hold your books.Mounting a shelving unit to the wall is an effective way to add storage to your home, especially if you have limited floor space. A storage cabinet with sliding doors is also a great option. However, you may need to invest in professional installation.

inventive bedroom layout designs

Out of every room in a home, your bedroom happens to be the most private. Whilst it’s a room many of your guests may never access, but the bedroom deserves the utmost attention.

It’s in your bedroom where you reflect on the day, recharge, and also for some, use it as a reading area, so it’s only fair that you ensure the bedroom is well lit, should be painted with cool and comfortable paints and furnishings. You can showcase your creativity and style by how you design your bedroom. We highlight design ideas that can help you to complement the bedroom with other spaces of your home.

Simple Furniture

Simple bedrom furniture items can make your bedroom look elegant and stylish. Add a simple bedroom chair, such as a swing chair and place it by the window where you can relax as you appreciate the extensive vistas for hours. If your bedroom has a high ceiling, you can try out a set of globe string lights to give your private room some magical effect at night.

Wall-to-wall murals

A neutral color-way pattern can give your bedroom a refined and subtle appearance. Wall decoration is a critical step of the bedroom layout design process, you don’t have to wake up in a plain white room every morning. When your bedroom lacks décor, it’s likely to feel unfinished. In case you’re working on a tight budget, you may consider applying a catchy wallpaper to create a backdrop feel and help you liven up the room.

Shrink your room down

If your room is small such that it’s not even possible to accommodate that bench you hold dear, you can try to have a much smaller type of furniture such as a stool. The stool will bring out a unique design and also offer you space where you can store some beddings or your shoes. You can have something special such as a caramel leather stool for that unique feel. Install a DIY customized chest of drawers(http://tylko.com/furniture-c/chest-of-drawers/) that you can place at one of the corners to give your small bedroom an innovative feel that stands out.

Utilize all the available space

A small bedroom can give you a hard time when looking for spaces to place all your stuff given that the bed takes up almost the entire room. You can utilize small spaces such as the windowsill and use them to place items that you would otherwise place on a table. Items such as the lighting can fit perfectly on the windowsill.

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tips to make your interior design unique on a budget

The interior design of your house speaks volumes about your personality. By looking at the color combinations and type of furniture, one can tell what your taste and preferences are. However, achieving the best interior design could be costly. In most cases, the furniture or accessories that best represent your personality might be too expensive. If you are looking to carry out an interior design on a budget, here are some tips you might follow.

Tips for getting the furniture you need

Furniture is one of the essential yet expensive parts of interior design. If you need extra furniture for your interior design, here are some tips that will save you money.

  • Refurbishing existing furniture- Refurbishing is one of the cheapest ways to get furniture needed for interior design. If you have old pieces of furniture, such as couches or tables, you can repaint and repair them for the needed purpose. For couches, you can add new covers that match your interior design for an elegant look.
  • Upcycling extra furniture- For an elegant look, you need adequate space inside your house. Instead of getting rid of unused furniture, you can upcycle them into more useful pieces of furniture. For instance, you can convert an unused chest of drawers into a bed or kitchen shelves.

Tips for maintaining your accessories

Accessories are important in interior design. They include items like floor mats, window treatments, among others. Here are some tips to help you use your accessories for long to avoid costs incurred due to regular replacements.

  • Use the accessories in appropriate areas- How you place and use your accessories determine how long they will last. Fragile accessories such as vases and paintings should be placed in areas with minimal movements. Minimal movements reduce the possibility of accidents that might lead to breakages. For floor mats, delicate ones need to be used in areas with minimal foot traffic to keep them in good shape for long.
  • Avoid direct sunlight- Most fabrics fade when exposed to ultraviolet light. Therefore, when arranging your house, accessories such as floor mats should be protected from direct sunlight. Although the fading might be gradual, it is permanent and might need dying to restore the original color. UV- resistant accessories are very expensive; thus, you could get regular accessories and preserve them from direct sunlight for durability.

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simple ways to style your-chest of drawers

You can elevate the look in your bedroom by styling your dresser to complement the rest of the room. Chest of drawers are known for their reliable storage function, but they can also add some fun into the room when decorated accordingly.

Gently adding a few pieces onto and around your dresser can give a modest upgraded look to improve your home. You will need to play around with placement, lighting and adding a few decorative pieces to achieve a satisfying result. Here are several ways to help you style your drawers:

Clean the Drawers.

Before you decorate, you need to ensure that your drawers are clean and in good condition. Repair any damaged parts and perhaps add a fresh coat of varnish if needed. Line the inside to make cleaning easier and to prevent staining should anything spill inside the drawers.

Declutter your Drawers

Get rid of anything that is not necessary from your drawers. Having many items at the top of your drawer makes it seem busy, cluttered and unappealing. This goes for the inside of the drawers as well. Decluttering makes cleaning and organizing the drawers more convenient while improving the general look of the dresser.

Placement of the drawers

Choose a spot in your space that is free from other furniture pieces such that the drawers can be the main piece where it is placed. For drawers with natural wood finish, they look better placed near a window as the natural light makes the wood’s grain appear more defined. In a large room, placing the chest of drawers(http://tylko.com/furniture-c/chest-of-drawers/) directly opposite the bed creates balance in the room.

Add a Mirror or Piece of Art

Placing a mirror or art directly above the dresser compliments it and draws attention to space. These pieces create definition without doing too much to the actual dresser. The choice of a mirror or the decorative piece of art can also help maintain the room’s overall style.

Use Trays for Organization

For any items permanently stored on the top of the drawer, using a tray will give a more polished look than placing individual items directly on the dresser.

Play with Height

When adding decorative pieces on the dresser, choose items with varied height to create visual balance. This could be by using frames, vases and any items that will draw the eye upward, instantly making the dresser space seem larger.

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